We exist to reach and influence people

with the love and life-giving message of Jesus


To help people know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference


Pastor Rhett Barden

I SEE A CHURCH of influence united around the cause of Christ, who shakes the heavens and the earth through the power of prayer.  I SEE A CHURCH who loves God’s word and whose worship captures God’s attention stirring His heart to move.  I SEE A CHURCH that exists to make Jesus famous, who is extravagantly radiant and that no building can contain.  I SEE A CHURCH full of love, joy, and laughter, enjoying life together in community and who is filled with hope and an unexplainable peace.  I SEE A CHURCH whose love and generosity knows no end.  I SEE A CHURCH expanding like a wildfire into every fiber of its communities and that every day leads someone to experience the love and grace of Jesus.  I SEE A CHURCH whose youth are so passionate and vibrant in their love for Jesus that they transform their friends, schools, city, nation, and world for Christ.

I SEE A CHURCH where songs of freedom are birthed from the heart of God sweeping the nations and ushering people into the presence of God.  I SEE A CHURCH compassionate for people, refreshing the forgotten, loving the lonely, healing the hurting, and freeing the enslaved.  I SEE A CHURCH consumed with developing and empowering generations of leaders.  I SEE A CHURCH producing and planting life-giving churches around the world.  I SEE A CHURCH discovering and living out their God-given purpose and design, full of the power of the Holy Spirit and defying the impossible with audacious faith believing that God can do anything.  I SEE A CHURCH who will do everything short of sin while reaching for the one.   THE CHURCH I SEE is One Life Church.

Rhett Barden – 2018